Lets Go Down

Carlie sat on the phone with  Kaylie on a Friday. Talking about how they had nothing to do that night.  Kaylie had a bright idea “Hey lets go down to the lake” They both knew that they shouldn’t go, there was a  party going on that night but decided to not listen to their gut instincts.  When they arrived, they saw a young guy sitting off in the shadows so they went to check him out.  They found  a dead kid with his throat slashed. Carlie and Kaylie upon seeing that agreed to never go down to the lake again.


Flash in the pan



4 thoughts on “Lets Go Down

  1. I like it. What can you tell me about this. Can you try a flash for every word? When does it all end?

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  3. I think that would make me stay home as well.

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