Well I really don’t know where to start today has defiantly been a mixed emotion day for me. It started when we went to go to the new house my grandparents are buying ( we live with them and 2 other people) when we got there the inspector was there  inspecting the house ( I hope it passed) I love that house. We had to meet a guy from Columbia today about the loan for the house and he was late by like a hour thanks to I-20 being backed up because of construction go figure oh and I had my 7 month old with me who was in desperate need of a nice nap. So we road around waiting on him to arrive where we was meeting him at. We decieded to go to the local animal shelter ( walter m Crowe) in Camden. I walked around and seen all the animals they have there it broke my heart cause most of the big dogs was bull dog mix ( pitbulls) and they had every kennel  full. It finally got to the time the guy said he would be there so we went back to the place we was meeting him. After my grandpa signed about a gazillon pages just kidding but it was a lot of pages we was able to leave. We finally made it home at about 6ish and we just chilled out from this hectic day. But right now its 9:26 pm and im the only one that’s not in bed yet.. My grandparents have Evan tonight in their room, my husband is in bed because he has a migraine and Tracy and Sassy are in their rooms. Im not a bit tired either I guess if I took my meds they would knock me out also but I haven’t gotten up to take them im being lazy haha..


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