Motherhood is a hard job. You don’t get paid and on a good day you might be able to get your house work done. Right now I have a 7 month old that does not want to be put down for anything and extremely fussy because he is cutting another tooth.. As I sit here and type this up he is in the crib crying cause he is so sleepy but will not lay there and fall asleep. I love my son with all my heart but Teething is a hell all of its own. I have been told that it gets better with time but as of right now I don’t see it happening.. but I know it will only because he was a colic baby had colic from the time he was about 2 weeks old till 3 months. I don’t know why he is so clingy tho. Oh and now he has his eye’s closed but is still screaming it breaks my heart but he has got to learn to self settle. I am not going to let him cry much longer so i am about to go get my son. and calm him down


Progress Report

A young girl name Allie, a forth grader at SunnyBrook Elementary School has just gotten her progress report for the last nine weeks of school.
She opened the report up and her mouth just dropped. Allie couldn’t wait for next period to be over so she could show all of her friends her progress report.

Word of the week- Progress

Flash in the pan

Traveling Afar

Ernie was down at the local bar drinking a cold beer with his buddy Alvin. You know Alvin I always wanted to travel to England. Why would you want to do that? Oh I don’t know maybe just to get out of this state for a while. Well I just don’t think I wouldn’t want to go there. Oh Alvin your just scared.

Word of the week – Travel

flash in the pan

Left Handed

A young toddler that had just begun writing but it worried her parents that she wrote with her left hand. Her mom called the doctor and set up a appointment for the following morning. When the doctor seen her and her mom told him what was going on he burst out laughing and told her kids that write with the left hand and just fine.

Word of the week- Left

flash in the pan

Evan Helms.

I just wanted to let everyone know about my son Evan. He is my first child I got pregnant with him in March of 2012. I had a scare with him when I was about 4 or 5 weeks along. They called it a Threatened miscarriage. At 18 weeks 3 days Me, Scottie and my grandma went to Charlotte NC to find out the sex of our baby.. My grandma had done told me he was a boy and sure enough my little  boy was not shy at all. When I was 26 weeks pregnant I went into pre term labor and had to have my labor stopped. I continued to have contractions for the remainder of my pregnancy but he stayed put until I had a growth scan at 38 weeks 6 days and I was told I had to get induced cause my water was too low to let him come on his own. So the next day I went to the hospital and 10 hours later I had my baby boy in my arms. I dealt with PPD on my own for almost 7 months and I have just now got on meds for it. My advice don’t wait and try to deal with PPD on your own. My baby boy will be 7 months in 3 days on the 13th and he is sitting up on his own and getting into the crawl position. I love my life now with my husband and my baby boy and I wouldn’t change this for the world!